Everything to know about Satta king

Satta king is a unique form of betting and lottery. This is a game that we can tell the origin of betting on the opening and closing rates of all the cotton materials transported from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. This type of betting game originated from before the era when our country India got its independence. This game was earlier known as Ankada Jugar (“figures gambling”). After independence, specifically in the 1960s, this system was replaced with many other ways. This was generating all the random numbers. These included pulling a slip which can be from a large earthen pot. This pot was known as a matka, which means pot in Hindi, and deals are done while playing cards.


Ways in which the game is played


Here to play this game, all a gambler has to do is first choose three numbers. Here the numbers should be between 0 and 9. Then here the three numbers that are chosen are then added together. Here the second digit of this resulting number that they get is then noted down. It is noted down along with the original three chosen numbers that the person had chosen by themselves. After doing all these processes, what the gambler gets are four numbers. Here they can see that from which point of the numbers they have to bet on the various likelihoods of the numbers or number sequences that they have with them or the sequences that are appearing or being chosen from the clay pot or the so-called Matka. This game is illegal in India and so as in many parts of the world.


History of this game


If we all look at the original form of this game, the betting was originally done on the opening and the closing rates of the cotton materials or raw cotton, which was earlier transported on ships to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange. The use of teleprinters did this. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was seen that this Satta guessing or so-called Matka business was at the peak of its popularity. On those days, it was seen that the betting volumes would be more than nearly about Rs. 500 crore per month. After that, there were multiple raids by various state police, for which the game lost its popularity in many of the states. Many of them changed ways to cricket or football matches while many of them were shut down.




  1. How to play the Satta king guessing?

To play this game, they all have to first download the latest version and then read all the instructions which are related to it. Then they can play.


  1. What is a satta king chart?


This is the place where people can get the idea about all the things that are related to the game. Here they get to know about on what number they can get profit and hence invest their money upon.


  1. Which site is the best to play Satta king?

There are a large number of sites to play the game. Satta king Faridabad or satta king Delhi are some of the best ones to play.

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