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If you’re living near the beach area or find your garden completely damaged due to bird invasion, you’ll need safe and efficient bird control products for your home. The costly repairs and damage caused by seemingly harmless birds might take a toll on your wallet. With so many to choose from, what makes electronic bird control better than the rest? Read on.

These control devices are made to scare birds away without hurting them. Here are some electronic bird control devices you can use for your home:

a) Ultrasonic Devices: This type of control instrument is used to prevent birds from coming to your home. Although this is not as effective as the audio devices, the ultrasonic electronic control is used to ward off birds and other pesky animals. electronic shops indiranagar

This device uses a sonic wave frequency to irritate birds and keep them away from yards, patios, rooftops, fruit-bearing trees and plants. Some of these devices are also used to ward off animals such as squirrels and rats.

b) Sonic Devices:

Using sounds to ward off pesky animals, sonic devices are far more superior electronic bird control devices than ultrasonic ones. Covering a wider area, sonic devices may be used to divert ducks and geese off golfing areas.

Most of the sounds produced from these devices are predatory or distress calls to frighten birds. There are high-end sonic devices that use multiple distress and predatory sounds to avoid ‘desensitizing’ birds. However, this type of high-end device should only be used in areas where it’s acceptable with neighbors in your area.

It would be great to pair your electronic bird control devices with other products like bird spikes, bird netting and visual devices to cover wider bird species. Visual devices like flash tapes, scarecrows and balloons create an illusion or distraction to ward off birds from nesting and settling on your pavements, rooftops and patios.

Electronic bird control is an alternative way of diverting these birds away from your home and garden. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid faulty wiring. Before purchasing this equipment, you might have to determine if this is safe for your home environment. Kids and elderly should be your topmost concerns. Try combining with other devices such as bird spikes, flash poles or flash tapes to boost the effects of your current device.


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